It is with great sorrow, we must share that Pat Hall of Sunsmoke Folds & British Shorthairs passed away on November 6th at her home.

Pat will be greatly missed by all who knew her. She was born in Hawaii and was an avid orchid enthusiast and was active in the Fort Worth Club for many years. Pat was a great member of the Cat Fancy and was loved and respected by many. Her knowledge and contribution to the Scottish Fold and British Shorthair breeds was vast. She loved her cats so much and loved talking with fellow cat enthusiasts about them and loved to share her knowledge with other breeders. She was willing to help new people get into showing and breeding and also loved to place her beautiful kittens in great pet homes.  She was great help in getting the Scottish Straights accepted into showing.

She leaves behind a daughter, son and her beloved cats.

Friends and family have set up a Go Fund Me account to raise funds to help with her funeral expenses. Cheryl Hogan (TICA SC past Regional Director ) is working hands on to get the cats and kittens placed in good homes.

The following was sent to by Pat's son, Jason Hall:

Pat Hall, mother to Dana Rudzitis, and Jason Hall, and sister to Ken Mathis passed away unexpectedly on November 6th, 2016.
One thing that really stands out about mom is the very rich life she led. Looking over her history, it is easy to see that she experienced a lot in life, and never let anything get in the way of anything she wanted to do.

In her lifetime she was a horse enthusiast and farm hand, veterinary assistant, well known photographer, Doctor of Chiropractic, orchid enthusiast, stained glass artist, and a well-loved proprietor of a cattery. Everyone who got to know her enjoyed spending time with her. She was also one of the most brilliant women I knew, which is obvious when you look at all the things she was able to become an expert on during her life.

Mom was a bit of a rolling stone. One never knew what she would be into the next time you spoke with her, and it made her an exciting and interesting person to be around. Now that it’s time to lay her to rest, we can do so knowing that she truly lived her life, and leaves no regrets behind.

Her passing was unexpected, and she was sadly not prepared for it, but we do know that she wished to leave behind something that would let us remember her, and make the world a little bit better.

She had asked that we allow her remains to become a permanent part of our planet as living coral. This can be performed by Eternal Reefs.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to fund her wishes, and we would like to ask Pat’s friends and family to help us make this possible.

This is an opportunity to honor the memory of a kind, loving, and brilliant woman, and to make our planet just a little bit better at the same time."



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